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Got Questions is, hands down, the best resource for all of the questions you have regarding being and/or becoming a Christian.  Simply visit the site and type in your question and chances are good they will have an answer!

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Christianity Today is a news and magazine style website the will highlight current events and news about the world of Christianity.

  • The Best Gift for Dad This Father’s Day? Diaper Duty
    I discovered the deepest joys of fatherhood in the mundane work of domestic life. Attend church on Mother’s Day and you’ll hear how great mom is. Attend on Father’s Day and—if you hear anything about fathers at all—you’ll hear how today’s fathers need to step up and provide. I suspect that the attitude we take toward these two holidays reveals something deep […]
  • The Gospel in Major City Centers
    What does it look like for church leaders in Chicagoland and other large cities to actually seek the peace and prosperity of the city? Chicago has been my home town only for the past four years. I spent most of my adult life in Boston, the San Francisco Bay area, and the Inland Northwest. But perhaps since I grew up in the Midwest (Cleveland, Ohio), somehow […]
  • Canada’s Supreme Court Rejects Country’s Only Christian Law School
    Trinity Western University’s loss over its LGBT stance is seen as a blow to religious freedom. Trinity Western University has lost a years-long legal fight to launch what would be the only Christian law school in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada considered a pair of appeals cases involving regional law societies that refused to accredit the Trinity Wester […]
  • Earn a Global Leadership Certificate and More in Partnership with Wheaton College and the Global Leadership Summit
    Whether you are a business leader, a community leader, a pastor, or a parent who wants to lead your family well, there is a place for you in the partnership between The Global Leadership Summit and Wheaton College. I truly believe that each of us, working together, can use our leadership influence to transform the people and communities around us. That’s why […]
  • US Tells Iraqi Christians Help Is on Its Way (For Real This Time)
    After months of delays, Vice President Pence pushes to streamline aid to the persecuted. Following mounting complaints from Iraq’s beleaguered Christian minority—who are desperate for security and a chance to rebuild—the United States has doubled-down on its pledge to channel funds to the persecuted religious groups who need such resources for their communit […]


You Version is the #1 Bible App or online Bible in the world.  Read and discover the bible and as well as many devotionals and in depth research they have to offer.

  • 3 Tips for Redeeming Your Family’s Screen Time
    “Can I play on your phone?” —Every kid, pretty much Our smartphones have more computing power than all of NASA had when they put the first man on the moon. Then why is it that we so easily lean on them as digital pacifiers? On this third day of Family Bible Week, we want to help … Continue reading "3 Tips for Redeeming Your Family’s Screen Time" Th […]
  • Family Bible Week 2018 Starts May 13
    Work. School. Handling clothes and meals and transportation — every day. And, let’s not forget somehow managing to get enough sleep. When it feels like life is just happening to your family, how can you begin leading them in the spiritual direction you actually want them to go? That’s exactly why we created Family Bible Week: … Continue reading "Family […]
  • 😎 Perfect Weeks? Perfect.
    Turn Streaks into Perfect Weeks. Streaks motivate and encourage you to feed yourself every day. It feels great seeing that number climb, doesn’t it? It just grows and grows, each day you open the Bible App to seek God in His Word. But sometimes we miss a day, and then, disaster! But that’s okay. Update … Continue reading "😎 Perfect Weeks? Perfect." […]
  • YouVersion’s 2018 21-Day Challenge: Get your Bible habit going!
    If you’re like most people who download the Bible App, you installed it because you believe that reading God’s Word is important, and you intend to read it more. One of the best ways we’ve found to start a daily Bible practice is to complete one short Plan after another in the Bible App. That’s what … Continue reading "YouVersion’s 2018 21-Day Challenge […]
  • New Bible App “Explore” 🔍 Search, your way.
    Explore the Bible. Search, your way. At YouVersion, our mission is to help people engage with the Bible. That’s why we never stop improving the Bible App: we want you to be able to explore God’s Word in the ways that help you connect with it. That’s why today we’re pleased to announce the newest addition … Continue reading "New Bible App “Explore” 🔍 Sea […]


Christian Volunteering is an organization and website that will help you find a place to help and serve others.  There is such a great need for your help in various areas.  These guys put it together for you and give you plenty of ideas.