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Got Questions is, hands down, the best resource for all of the questions you have regarding being and/or becoming a Christian.  Simply visit the site and type in your question and chances are good they will have an answer!

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  • O For Six Unmasked Tongues to Sing: England Still Quieting Worship
    Bands are rocking post-pandemic services, but congregants can’t yet join in. Last Sunday at London’s Holy Trinity Brompton church, the band repeated the chorus, “Awake my soul and sing / Sing his praise aloud” before a sanctuary of masked worshipers who, according to government restrictions, could not comply. Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) is one of the largest […]
  • Most Pastors Agree Abuse Should Ban Them from Ministry
    Misconduct toward children or adults is seen as a permanent disqualification across almost all denominations. As Christian groups and denominations debate the proper response to clergy sexual misconduct, most pastors believe those who commit such crimes should withdraw from public ministry permanently. At the recent Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting […]
  • Keeping Your Cup Filled in a World That Empties It
    The power of mentors for ministry longevity. By now you’ve probably seen the articles that address the state of many pastors in America. Navigating through the crisis of the pandemic, not to mention the other crises the wave of the pandemic has caused, has taken its toll on many pastors. If you are one of those pastors, please know that you are not alone! As […]
  • In the Push for Racial Justice, There’s a Middle Path Between Passivity and Aggression
    Real moral suasion is about relationship-building, not browbeating. We all know that race relations are toxic in our society today. Debates over statues, critical race theory in education, police reform, and election reform are only the tip of the iceberg. Some would have us believe there are only two routes to ending racial alienation: Either we take a pass […]
  • Messianic Jews Say ‘Fake Rabbi’ Was Wrong Way to Reach the Ultra-Orthodox
    Unpacking the motives of an accused undercover American in Israel and lessons learned for Christians wanting to engage Haredi Jews. How far can one go to “reach the Jews”? The apostle Paul put himself “under the law” to give the gospel to his Hebrew brethren (1 Cor. 9:20). Allegedly a Gentile, Michael Elkohen did the same to reach the modern Jews most fastid […]


You Version is the #1 Bible App or online Bible in the world.  Read and discover the bible and as well as many devotionals and in depth research they have to offer.

  • What does it mean to be a Christian?
    So you decided to follow Jesus … now what? We all have an idea of what following Jesus should look like. But if we’re honest with ourselves, our views are often influenced by our cultural values, our politics, our background, and what’s currently going on in the world around us. If we were to strip away … Continue reading "What does it mean to be a Chri […]
  • How To Pray for Your Family
    This week, we shared resources for your family that we hope encouraged and inspired you. But this is only the beginning. As you continue to faithfully show up and show love, God will do infinitely more in your family than all that you can ask, hope, or imagine. To help encourage you as you continue … Continue reading "How To Pray for Your Family" T […]
  • Resources for Your Family
    Every day, you are faced with new opportunities to lead your family spiritually through intentional conversations and activities. This isn’t always easy, but your commitment to your family’s spiritual growth will have a lasting impact. And as you faithfully pour into the lives of the people you love, we want to pour into you. Here are … Continue reading
  • How to Discover God’s Will
    What does God want you to do with your life? Maybe you have an idea of what He is calling you to, but you’d like confirmation. Maybe you’re not sure what God’s will is … or maybe, you’re still trying to figure out what a personal relationship with God should look like. Ultimately, the only way … Continue reading "How to Discover God’s Will" The pos […]
  • How to Pray: A 6-Step Guide to Prayer
    “Prayer.” When you see that word, what thoughts or images come to mind? Does talking to God come easy to you? Or do you struggle to pray? Knowing what to say to God doesn’t always feel easy, and sometimes, prayer gets weighed down by our misconceptions about what a conversation with God should look like. “Pray then … Continue reading "How to Pray: A 6-S […]


Christian Volunteering is an organization and website that will help you find a place to help and serve others.  There is such a great need for your help in various areas.  These guys put it together for you and give you plenty of ideas.