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Got Questions is, hands down, the best resource for all of the questions you have regarding being and/or becoming a Christian.  Simply visit the site and type in your question and chances are good they will have an answer!

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  • Died: Labib Madanat, Who Showed the Bible to Palestinians and Israelis in Word and Deed
    Son of Jordanian missionaries organized the Holy Land’s Bible societies and demonstrated the gospel’s love and forgiveness amid war and terror. During his decades of ministry, Labib Madanat repeatedly passed through Israel’s main international airport. So regularly did security detain and thoroughly search him, he developed his own response. “Ben Gurion is m […]
  • How Eagle Feathers and Copper Mines Might Alter Your Religious Liberty
    A peculiar case in Arizona has the potential to shape churches, ministries, and schools across the country. Some years ago, evangelical Christians watched closely as Hobby Lobby successfully prevented the government from violating the Green family’s conscience on abortion. Many of us also stood with the Little Sisters of the Poor when they fought similar gov […]
  • Research Roundup: 6 Takeaways on the Goodness of Gratitude
    More and more scholars are studying the practice of giving thanks. Here's what they have to say. “Feeling Gratitude Is Associated with Better Well-Being Across the Life Span: A Daily Diary Study During the COVID-19 Outbreak” Da Jiang, Journals of Gerontology: Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, December 2020 “Numerous studies have show […]
  • Why Bad Things Happen to People, According to 6,500 Americans
    On the problem of evil, Pew’s pandemic philosophy survey finds few blame God or doubt God’s omnipotence, goodness, or existence. Sorry Job, Epicurus, Augustine, and Hume: On the “problem of evil,” most Americans don’t think much of God’s role. Long before Rabbi Harold Kushner’s When Bad Things Happen to Good People got Americans talking about theodicy in the […]
  • 空蕩蕩的教會長椅是美國公共衛生的一個危機
    美國人正在迅速放棄教會。我們的思想和身體將付出代價。 威廉·格拉斯(William Glass)是聖公會牧師和神學家,精通五種語言,在市場營銷方面擁有了不起的履歷。然而,這並不是一個生而如此的故事。在格拉斯看來,教會救了他的命。 格拉斯在佛羅里達州的一個拖車公園的赤貧中長大。他的家人也許每年去一次教堂,但用他的話說,他的宗教背景是“南方酒鬼”。他的父親要麼缺席,要麼虐待他。他沒有親密的朋友,上學也是一種煎熬。年方十幾,他就開始用毒品和酒精來控制壓力。 但後來,格拉斯訪問了一個長老會的青年團體,以“打動一個女孩”。這並沒有一夜之間改變一切:他繼續過着艱難的生活,幾近無家可歸。但格拉斯也有教會中的朋友,他們在危機中照顧他,幫助他保持聯繫,並向他展示了另一種生活方式。 在格拉斯看來,教會首先為他提供了“社會和關係資本 […]


You Version is the #1 Bible App or online Bible in the world.  Read and discover the bible and as well as many devotionals and in depth research they have to offer.

  • How do you share your faith?
    Think of a friend, a neighbor, a family member, or a coworker who doesn’t have a strong relationship with Jesus. How would you share your faith with them? Matthew 28:18-20, also known as “The Great Commission,” is a great place to start: “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore, go … Continue reading "How do you share your fait […]
  • What does it mean to be a Christian?
    So you decided to follow Jesus … now what? We all have an idea of what following Jesus should look like. But if we’re honest with ourselves, our views are often influenced by our cultural values, our politics, our background, and what’s currently going on in the world around us. If we were to strip away … Continue reading "What does it mean to be a Chri […]
  • How To Pray for Your Family
    This week, we shared resources for your family that we hope encouraged and inspired you. But this is only the beginning. As you continue to faithfully show up and show love, God will do infinitely more in your family than all that you can ask, hope, or imagine. To help encourage you as you continue … Continue reading "How To Pray for Your Family" T […]
  • Resources for Your Family
    Every day, you are faced with new opportunities to lead your family spiritually through intentional conversations and activities. This isn’t always easy, but your commitment to your family’s spiritual growth will have a lasting impact. And as you faithfully pour into the lives of the people you love, we want to pour into you. Here are … Continue reading
  • How to Discover God’s Will
    What does God want you to do with your life? Maybe you have an idea of what He is calling you to, but you’d like confirmation. Maybe you’re not sure what God’s will is … or maybe, you’re still trying to figure out what a personal relationship with God should look like. Ultimately, the only way … Continue reading "How to Discover God’s Will" The pos […]


Christian Volunteering is an organization and website that will help you find a place to help and serve others.  There is such a great need for your help in various areas.  These guys put it together for you and give you plenty of ideas.