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Top Christian Movies – Watched and rated by “We Are Christians”

The Passion of the Christthe-passion-of-the-christ

Depicts the final twelve hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, on the day of his crucifixion in Jerusalem.

Our Rating: 9/10

This movie gives us the most realistic glimpse into what Jesus Christ willingly did to save you and I.  At times, it is quite graphic, but surprisingly only shows a mild version of what Jesus truly endured.  This is, by far, the most impactful movie we’ve ever seen.


Gods Not DeadGod’s Not Dead

College philosophy professor, Mr. Radisson’s curriculum is challenged by his new student, Josh, who believes God exists

Our Rating: 7/10

A solid story about challenging some of the common challenges to the existence of God.  Some very good points are brought to light through some debate in the classroom, but the real meaning and proof of God is realized through relationships and honesty in the characters.  We liked this movie and the message it carried.  A small knock down on the rating scale due to some “Christian Movie cheese”, but we loved it anyway!





General Movie News from a Christian Perspective


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